The Truth About: Silvia Kusada

Purpose of this blog

The purpose of this blog is purely to educate fellow Scientologists and the public at large about how Silvia Kusada’s operates, her current condition, as it would relate to risks to other Scientologists if they decide to put their minds in her hands.

My goal is not to slander her or to forward any black PR that may be emanating from the OSA branch of the church of Scientology.

My goal with this blog is to make sure that anyone that gets involved with Silvia Kusada understands what he or she is getting involved in.


First let me give you some basic information about Silvia Kusada that is more publicly known.

A.) Silvia Kusada is 47 years old whose homeland is Italy.

She states that she is OT 7 and a Class VI auditor.

I’m assuming that she has been trained in standard tech but she has stated that she is also trained in Golden Age of Tech (GAT).

The consensus from the independent scene and those who have left the church is that Golden Age of Tech is non-standard tech ( squirrel ). Whether she has used GAT on others or herself, I can’t tell you but I sure hope that she hasn’t and doesn’t do so in the future.

B.) To my current knowledge, she resides and is currently offering her auditing services in Paige, Texas.

You may already know the above data about Silvia Kusada but the following is a list of data you might not know about Silvia Kusada. If you are thinking of getting any auditing services from her or considering getting in a relationship with her, this is data you should know about her.

Did you know?

1. That Silvia Kusada has admitted on her blog, more than once, of wanting to commit suicide?

Here’s just one of the quotes from Silvia’s blog:

“Today I called Elizabeth and told her I was really concerned

as I was seriously considering suicide, as never before.”

Is this a sign of mental stability or a sign of mental instability?

Could this also be a sign of being PTS?

Should she be auditing other people’s minds all the while her own mental stability could be in question?

2. That she is currently engaged in solo auditing and possibly doing so without a Case Supervisor.

Whenever I asked Silvia if she was using a C/S I received no answer. If she is not using a Case Supervisor she is auditing out tech and is risking spinning herself in. Now, Silvia has the right to spin herself in but what happens when she’s spun in and then sits down to auditing another person with that person’s case and mind in her hands?

It’s sort of like the person who has the right to drink alcohol and risk his own health but should that person drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel when other people’s health are at risk?

While the alcoholic could be drunk behind the wheel, Silvia could be spun in behind the e-meter. I will give what happened to Lisa McPherson as one example of what can happen when someone is audited improperly.

3. Silvia’s is going from one bad 2nd dynamic experience to the next.

Per her writings on her own blog, Silvia has gone from one 2nd dynamic experience to the next in the last year. In my opinion, Silvia’s 2nd dynamic is very unstable.

One day she’s writing on her blog about some new guy she met and how great things are and then later writing how it’s all over and he hates her.

What exactly happened we don’t know because Silvia only explains the situation from her perspective and doesn’t allow the person she was in a relationship with give his account of what happened.

4. An auditor who tried to audit her stated that he felt he was being spiritually attacked by some part of her case.

Silvia states on her blog:

“Any way, my auditor which is really OT, one,because he is operating on the 7th and 8th dynamics and second, because he is an excellent auditor and knows the tech down cold, not as a rote procedure but as pure concepts and fundamentals, told me he felt spiritually attacked by  some part of my case.”

The auditor in question was male. There could be a connection to her situation on the 2nd dynamic.

5. Marty Rathbun, who use to provide a link to Silvia Kusada’s blog on the “blog roll” of his blog, has since removed that link.

Why would Marty Rathbun do that?

Why would Marty do that to another member of the Independents family?

I asked Silvia Kusada in an email why he removed that link. The reason Silvia gave is that they were accusing her of a being a “squirrel”, which is a term for auditing in a non standard way.

6. Silvia engages in verbal tech on her blog.

Who should be the proper source for OT data, L. Ron Hubbard or Silvia Kusada?

There are times on her blog when she will be trying to explain something and will give references to LRH quotes in a proper manner. Then there are other times when she will engage in OT explanations with the only discernible source of that data being her.

Since she gives no LRH reference to some of the OT data she gives on her blog you have no choice but to assume that she is the source of that data and question whether what she said was true or not. If you just believe something that she said without any reference to LRH, even if what she said made sense or seemed probable, you could be swallowing something that is actually incorrect.

7. Her good friend Mary Jo Leavitt, OT VIII, has accused her of being a “squirrel”.

How do I know this?  Silvia told me herself in an email.

8. Evidence to the effect that Silvia Kusada’s finances are trending downward.

Silvia Kusada use to live in house in Los Angeles, California. Now she lives in a trailer in Paige, Texas.

Do people move out of houses and into trailers when their finances are stable or improving or when their finances are going downhill?

What could this possible mean to one of her PCs?

Could it possibly mean that if you ever request a refund from Silvia Kusada for services not yet rendered, she might not be able to return those funds?

9. Silvia Kusada practices the suppressive act of comm cutting on her blog.

Whenever I would put a comment on her blog that apparently she did not like, instead of challenging what I wrote on it’s merits she would just delete the comment ( communication origination ).

Doesn’t the church of Scientology engages in this is the same type of comm cutting?

How can one speak out against the church of Scientology cutting comms of it’s members who act and say things they don’t like and then turn around and do it themselves?

When one rails against others for doing something and then engages in the same tactics themselves, isn’t the word for that “hypocrisy”?

10. Silvia Kusada has almost zero ability to admit when she’s wrong about something.

Silvia Kusada is from Italy and her English isn’t that good. But I must say, she writes English better than she speaks it. But unfortunately, even her writings contain a good number of spelling and grammar errors.

Once when I made a comment on her blog about a word in a sentence where she misspelled something that could possible cause a misunderstanding. Not only did she delete my comment pointing out the spelling error, she left the word spelled incorrectly.

If she can’t face being wrong about something like the misspelling of a word, how is she going to be able to confront any serious wrongness in her life?

Never in my dealings with Silvia Kusada has she ever once apologized for something she did or admitted that she did someone wrong.

Not once.

Isn’t this a phenomena connected to and observed in,  SP’s?

11. Potential communication issues based on the fact that Silvia Kusada is from Italy and does not speak the English language fluidly.

In my opinion from speaking with her on the phone, Silvia has a very harsh Italian accent.

Now, if you speak Italian this will not be a problem. As we all know, communication is a very important and what English speaking person would want to waste their time and money trying to decipher what their auditor is trying to say all the time?

Couldn’t that be a breeding ground for mis-understoods and ARC breaks?

If you are an English speaking person, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to hook up with an auditor that speaks the English language fluidly?


If you have any further information about Silvia Kusada that is not listed on this blog, please feel free to  leave a comment.

This is a brand new blog and is a work in progress. I will be adding more information in the near future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.